INTEL - Animated Mural
( Full Resolution 4' x 11' )

Dan Sternof Beyer


  Intel Mural - Dan Sternof Beyer ___


Here are a few informational popups that were used as talking points for various technology processes.

___ Work place - Dan Sternof Beyer Parks and Recreation - Dan Sternof Beyer A industrial accountant Old School - Dan Sternof Beyer ____


...some more details of the mural...

____ California - Dan Sternof Beyer The Industry the Future ____


Here is the Intel presentation. The first showing just the mural and the second with the addition of Boyd Davis in person.

____ ________



A special thanks to all the folks at CMD who helped out with this.
Especially Tod, Matt, Jeff and Jon.

....and of course David.