The Clown   The Pirate  


People who live in Portland Oregon are of three basic types: The Monk, The Clown and The Pirate.

The Monk is focused by time. It's life revolves around ritual, practice and the enrichment of the self. The Monk is a planner and a preparer. It has well defined goals and takes aware steps to reach these. But the Monk is hardened by this rigid life. It has shells that insulate it from the temptations of the world, for better or worse.

The Clown is focused by freedom. It's life is wild and carefree, revolving around social gatherings and social play. The Clown has many aspirations for adventures which are overlapping and at times contradictory. It is friends with all kinds of creatures and prides itself on this. But the Clowns naivety leads it into unbalanced situations.

The Pirate is focused by the immediate. It's life is consumed by a constant need for entertainment and excitement. The Pirate is trickster and an idealist. It is a critic and a devils advocate. It is wrapped up by its own feverish journey for immediate treasure, a venture that is self destructive. The Pirate is ruled by vices that it alone creates and maintains.